I'm Julie, a graphic designer
& writer from canada. 


My specialties are:

  1. book design / multi-page design / print design
  2. marketing writing & design (creating copy for and designing marketing pieces).

In short, I make you look and sound good.

My life is a lively mix of continents, cultures and conversations. If I'm not designing or writing, you might find me reading the Good Book, watching international documentaries, talking to children, buying a plane ticket, eating granola, doodling in my sketchbook, making something more colourful, or pursuing deeper conversation. 

I place a premium on sincerity, candor and good-natured communication.
I also enjoy tasteful jokes.


  • Mom says I was speaking in complete sentences in two different languages by my second birthday. 
  • In Grade Four, my snowman-shaped poem was read on CBC Radio.
  • The best ad copy I ever wrote convinced my now-husband to date me.
  • Other than my mother, CBC and my husband, a few other people have said some nice things about my work.


"What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure." —Samuel Johnson